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Manami Nakashimizu


I draw your portraits and ship it to you. It's specifications is colored pencil on plain paper of A4 size.

1〜2person ¥10,000 + tax 

3person   ¥10,000 + ¥1,500円+ tax

4person   ¥10,000 + ¥3,000円+ tax

※ This does not use watercolor. You can order watercolor if you want a watercolor Portrait. It's ¥30,000.

I design a logo for you.

It makes your impression stronger.

logo ¥50,000 + tax

Option: business card design ¥10,000 + tax

I choose flowers which look good on you.

The size of the artwork is 210x297mm watercolor on watercolor-paper.

Print  ¥30,000 + tax

Original Painting  ¥50,000 + tax

P.S. "flower crown" illustration, it can order too.


You can full order.

​size: 180mm~×180mm~

material: watercolor, colored pencil, pastel

1 order ¥50,000~ + tax

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