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Manami Nakashimizu

meet me

Manami Nakashimizu

I am a painter representing "dream of everyone".

Its name is "YUMENOME".

I have drawn since I can remember.

In the days of a child, I was dreamy and wanted to take a trip to the world in the picture.

If one picture impresses you, it will give you power.
In the real world, you will be able to find beauty and the gentleness that the picture holds.
Because originally there are beauty and the gentleness in you.

I want to draw the world that I see through pictures and the world that I want to see.

I hope that my pictures are seen by many people.
And I hope that my pictures bring people happiness, even if the happiness is small….




I was given an opportunity by the exhibition in INOBUN KITAYAMA in 2012, and I began "YUMENOME".


In 2013, I made a picture book with "calotte leather handmade" and performed EHONYOMI publicly.

"Natchan" is a character of "saki's sweets".I love Natchan, and she is loved by many people.




Nov,2010「slightly pleasant」 gallery a.p.p kyoto


Aug,2011「You have a special place in my heart」 Tsukiyo to Syonen


Nov,2011「gaze・listen・scent・touch・feel・and find gleam」 gallery a.p.p kyoto


Jun,2012「Happy & Natchan & Friends  ready? -No,not yet」  INOBUN KITAYAMA


Nov,2012「YUMENOME sequel」 gallery a.p.p kyoto




Jul,2013「Yahho」 kitocafe




Aug,2015「here is my angel」 INOBUN KITAYAMA


Nov,2015「here is my angel & flower beard guy」 INOBUN KUSATSU A・SQUARE


May,2016「moru and yves」 INOBUN KITAYAMA

Mar,2018「sing song, sing flowers, sing with friends.」 INOBUN KYOBASHI

Jun,2018「sing flowers under the sky」 INOBUN KITAYAMA

Oct,2018「the park of Meri」 Flower Park Konan in Kiso Sansen National Government Park

© 2015 Manami Nakashimizu.

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