Manami Nakashimizu



 " YUMENOME "  means  " buds of dream " in Japanese.

​Everyone have dreams in the heart , and Everyone want to see dreams.
It is seed.

I paint their dreams.
It is planting seed.

​Many people see the picture of someone's dream.
It is coming out buds.

It's my dream to expand YUMENOME much.

Please also tell me your dream.

picture book

My dream, friend's dream, family's dream…
The picture books into which much important heart was stuffed.


flower on beard

I love flowers.

These men are my dream.


sing song,sing flowers,sing with friends.

there are many flowers, animals and sweet children.

it's happy world. and all laugh.

little face

Everyone has a most attractive feature.


18cm window

18x18 cm window.
My wish is to display the moment of the sky.

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We can read out the book to  you like a picture-story show.

This is usually called KAMISHIBAI in Japan.

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